Laurie Zacco
Theresa Pierce


Early morning runs & late night gym sessions, became an everyday ritual that yielded no result for years. I wandered from diet to diet, from routine to routine with my goal weight being nothing but a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Then after a trip down to Florida, to visit Laurie and Theresa, they introduced me to the raw, vegan lifestyle. While on the raw, vegan diet, I was able to lose the weight, & keep the weight off, for the first time in my life. The reach of a raw, vegan lifestyle even went beyond just weight loss, but mentally your mind is clear and your body feels clean. While on the raw, vegan diet I lost 35 pounds in a span of 4 months. Even more, I was working out less than before I started, and still lost more weight then at any other time.
Alex Zacco, North Carolina


“Laurie and Theresa, you have been such dependable and warm-hearted friends who give such sound and loving advice. You have helped me keep on focus with agreements that I have made with myself in a really caring way… and I feel your experience not just with the goals of physically keeping on target with diet, but also your experience with the emotional aspects around creating these changes in life, really helped me cultivate more responsibility and expansion! You are beautiful, loving and supporting, and I am so happy to have met you both and dream-weave this life in friendship, inner-growth, health, and open-heartedness together! Thank you for all you share with me!”
Tina Cseuz, California


“I attended a retreat with Laurie and Theresa and sat in with them on several nutritional discussions. They are both very knowledgeable about their passion, nutrition. Their experience and research in the field lead me too them with questions many times, I always got a full, well articulated answer and left fully understanding the topic at hand. I am positive that I owe much of my weight loss (and resulting health improvements) to them.”
Rick Audy, Maine


“I would like to say that I think Laurie and Theresa are the most dedicated and sincere people I have ever had the pleasure to know.  They are so good at explaining the benefits of "right" living and right choices.  I would recommend that anyone wanting guidance to help themselves on the path to a healthier you, they are the people who can do it!!!!!! They are an inspiration to me!!!!”
Pat Rage Johnson, Florida


“Thank you Laurie & Theresa, for your knowledge & encouragement & your great recipes. With your personal time you have given me I have managed to loss 5 pant sizes & close to the 100 pound mark…but what’s important to me is the high energy level I now have and lowering my blood pressure. Thank you Lori & Teresa for being there.” Sincerely
Tommy Clark, Florida


“Laurie & Theresa are living proof of how living a healthy lifestyle can change your life and knowing them personally…is so much more powerful than just reading about a particular diet or program. It is inspiring as well that they have continually looked to improve their practice over the years. It has been a process to get to the level that they have achieved to date and they are still looking to learn more and are always looking to share what they know with others.”
Lonni Hillis, Florida

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