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Empowering yourself this holiday season | Empower Yourself 4 Health
Laurie Zacco
Theresa Pierce

Empowering yourself this holiday season

Happy Holidays to everyone,

I wanted to talk about following a food plan while time spending time with family and friends. It can be very challenging. A lot of love goes into preparing a big meal. Not to mention time, money and energy. Some people may take offense to you making the decision not to partake in the food that they have so graciously prepared.
Most of the time we eat holiday dinners with people who know us well. They understand where we are coming from. For me, my family knows that I have spent a lifetime trying to rein in my relationship with food and that I have finally succeeded in my life’s mission.. They know it took me a very long time to do so and they also know that I wouldn’t eat anything that may jeopardize that.
That alone can bring up a lot of issues for them and they very well may make it very trying. But instinctively I know what is right for me now and I also understand why they may feel a need to bring up all sorts of defensive questions.
I have, over time, learned how to share with them, be myself, and at the same time not engage in arguments. I have heard it all. Bottom line is I have to do what is right for me and they have to do what is right for them. Making sure that they know that my words are only my opinion and that the changes that I continue to make are based on my opinion on what is right for me, not them.
On the other hand, what if you are spending time with folks that you don’t know very well. In some ways that can be easier. In most cases we are under the supervision of our doctor who has us on a specific diet or who has at least curbed our way of eating. In that case I would tell them that I am under the care of a doctor who has me on a strict regime that has to be adhered to. Or another way of handling it is to explain what you are “trying” to do and that you are committed not deviate from it. Between what I may bring and something that they may be serving there is usually plenty for me to eat.
We really bit the bullet for ThanksLiving this year. Theresa and I made a raw lasagna and caesar salad for everyone. We made a killer raw strawberry cheesecake for dessert. My family insisted we make it and we told them if they would rather have a traditional meal that would be fine. But they still wanted us to make lasagna, so we did. Actually we fed seven people a raw breakfast, lunch and dinner for six days.
But, here is the kicker. One of my family members went to Williams and Sonoma before we left and bought all of the gadgets he needs to start making raw dishes! So, the moral of this story is to do your thing, be yourself and most of all believe in yourself and at the same time be respectful of other people’s way of thinking and doing things. You never who you may effect with the example you are setting.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and joyous holiday season,

Laurie Zacco/ Theresa Pierce

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