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Are we Addicted to Food?? | Empower Yourself 4 Health
Laurie Zacco
Theresa Pierce

Are we Addicted to Food??

Hello to all health seekers and beyond,

I say beyond to those who are so confused and sick of the whole “try to get healthy” scene. I “tried” for over thirty five years to find an answer to the state of my health. I can’t count the number of times I threw my hands in the air and said “I just can’t do it”. And I really meant it. I had tried so many things so many times, I literally thought it was impossible.
Well, after years of “never giving up” and to my shear amazement, I learned that it wasn’t impossible. I have lost 100 pounds and have reversed a number of ailments. Sleep apnea being a huge one. I have been on a long journey to figure all of this stuff out. Even though my diet was far from desirable, most of the time, I never stop thinking about this question. “Why can’t I lose weight”? Even though I thought it was impossible I never quit trying.
So, after slaying the dragon I have learned this. The question isn’t “what should I be eating?” as much as “what I shouldn’t be eating”. I learned that I can NEVER eat junk food. And I mean never. I know that sounds harsh. But it only sounds harsh because we have been so ingrained to eat the very thing that is making it “impossible”. Yes, eating ANY junk food is the culprit.
Let me put it to you this way. Say your loved one, whether it be your husband, father, wife, brother or sister, was a heroin addict. And they were trying to not be a heroin addict anymore. Would you tell them that it would be alright if they had a little heroine here and there? Of course not because you know that they would never be anything but a heroin addict. And that was my missing piece.
We tend to think of food a little differently than heroin. But it isn’t. In fact, getting off of junk food can be harder to “kick”. A heroin addict can get off the street, go to mama’s house and never see, smell or hear the word heroine again. Compare that to what it is like to quit eating junk food. I don’t have to tell you how we are bombarded with junk food every day. And I could and will write another blog on how society sabotages us at every turn. It just might be one of the biggest challenges of your life. But, you can do it. If I can do it, anyone can.
I was your typical food addict. I weighed 250 pounds and ate whatever I felt like. A 22 ounce steak with all the fixin’s, a pint of ice cream and at least four times up to the buffet. For over two years I haven’t had one crumb of junk food. And yes I am still alive. And what’s even more amazing is that my desire for junk food is GONE!!! I was freed little by little. It didn’t happen all at once. But what an awesome phenomenon it is. I am no longer a prisoner of food!!!!! Totally free after 40 years!!
Two main things helped me and continue to help me. One, the best partner in the world and two my own conviction. My pain got so great, I changed.
I have been tested many times in the past two years but I pass every time. And for me, that is unheard of. Throughout the years, mainly out of frustration, I said to myself “if I ever figure out how to achieve what I am trying to achieve, I would shout it from the roof tops”. And so, how ironic it is. At fifty two, I have made it my life’s work to help others achieve their health and wellness goals.
If you are seeking a fresh start and another set of eyes to help, I am here. Please check out our website at www.empoweryourself4health.com. You can see our before and after’s and check out some of the recipes and dishes, that Theresa, my partner who has lost 85 pounds, and has an amazing health journey also, makes. She is a certified raw food educator and loves to create a really easy way to stay healthy and eat well at the same time. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified Heath Coach. Together we bring a unique approach and understanding to our clients. We welcome couples and groups as well.
Together we will walk you through the maze of confusion and help you navigate the lifestyle that is right for you.
Thank you,
Laurie and Theresa

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