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“All” year resolutions | Empower Yourself 4 Health
Laurie Zacco
Theresa Pierce

“All” year resolutions

Ok, everyone is writing about New Year’s resolution so I figured I would get my two cents in. I think it is way over used. Most of the time it is used to sell us something.
I would always resolute to eat better and lose weight on January 1st of any given year. So that meant that most, if not all, of the year I was not eating better and not losing weight. That was a vicious cycle I am so glad to be out of. And how did I get out of that constant battle, you might ask? I made up my mind that I was going to eat better the entire year. Imagine that. A big time food addict, over eater, emotional eater, come to find out. Who, me? an emotional eater? I don’t think so.
Well, some things we come to terms with and realize about ourselves. Maybe that’s what it takes to get out of the viscous cycle. When there was no other explanation as to why food was kicking my butt, light dawned on my “marble head”.
So that is what I started focusing on and I’ll be a son of a gun. I started looking even deeper and reading more and thinking more and sitting quiet and really looking at why, when I had been able to accomplish so many good things in my life, “why can’t I lose weight”?
It was a questioned that had me eluted for over 35 years. So now, understanding myself and looking at “why” I would never “stick” to eating better, doesn’t elute me. I know exactly why I was making those same New Year’s resolutions year, after year, after year…. This year I was able to at least make some different resolutions. I am happy and proud to say that after much to do I have lost the weight that I set out to lose.
If you find yourself making the same one year after year maybe this year your resolution could be to figure out “why do I keep making the same resolution?” Enjoy this year no matter what. We are here and it is ours to enjoy.

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