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Laurie Zacco
Theresa Pierce

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Laurie Zacco, Holistic Health Coach, AADP Board Certified

Laurie After Laurie BeforeHello, I am Laurie. Congratulations, on taking the next step to finding your optimum potential in happiness, health and a more vibrant life.

As a child, my family looked at food like a religion. Happy times were always surrounded with food and sad times were soothed with food. I experienced my mother surgically wire her teeth shut to achieve weight loss. I, as a 15 year old water fasted for 45 days. All of my life I struggled with my weight and looking for the answer to my lifelong question “why can’t I lose weight?”

I have been, where you are now. I was overweight (250 pounds at my heaviest), diagnosed with hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. I decided in 2007, that I was NOT going to be a yo-yo dieter anymore. I began by joining a gym, and tried to exercise the weight off. I was committed and faithful to that exercise for 2 ½ years, non-stop. The weight loss was VERY slow. At this point, I did NOT address the food issue that I know now is imperative. Not just the content of food but the issues around food.

I kept studying and reading to gain more insight. And in 2010 I went to a functional medicine doctor, who discovered that I had gluten intolerance. Now my focus on the content of food was brought to my attention. I thought that I had always eaten a mostly “healthy” diet, just too much of it. What I began to learn is that the types of food that I was eating kept me addicted to food and, therefore, sick. After cutting out wheat, rye and barley (gluten containing foods), I was led to the Paleo Diet because of learning of cross contaminated foods. After further studying, I discovered the Living Foods Lifestyle. While I had slow and steady weight loss on Gluten Free/Paleo Lifestyle, after adopting the Living Foods Lifestyle, I had more rapid weight loss (currently at 100 pounds!) as well as more energy and mental clarity.

I always knew that if I found the answer to my lifelong question, I would share it with anyone with the desire to achieve the same.

I will sit down with you in a comfortable, quiet, open, honest and nonjudgmental way and together we will discuss any issues you may have. I am here to help you develop the mindset and skills that will EMPOWER you to reach YOUR goals. Let me help you realize your dreams, they might not be as elusive as you think! Click HERE to get started.


Theresa Pierce, Certified Raw Food Educator

Theresa After Theresa BeforeHi, I am Theresa. I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle in 2009. I suffered from pre-diabetes, anxiety and depression, as well as being overweight, at ~200 pounds. I started by deciding to make changes to reflect my desire for optimal health. After finding a community that offers many activities that promote healthier living, I bought a house and moved to that community.

Then I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, so I cut out all wheat, rye and barley from my diet. Learning that all grains may compromise a weakened gut lining, I then adopted the Paleo Lifestyle. As Laurie is the “forever researcher”, she soon stumbled across the Raw/Living Foods Lifestyle. Something there resonated with me and after adding daily smoothies to my diet, I quickly adopted this way of living. I have definitely seen results in both of us.

I feel like I have found my purpose in life, my PATH…. It is to teach YOU how to make changes, so that you can tap into your boundless health and find a greater sense of well being than you ever thought possible. The food preparation is my passion. I will teach you the skills you need to make healthy and beautiful creations, without the use of a stove or microwave.

I have attended the Raw Foods Institute in Connecticut. I am now a Certified Raw Foods Educator. I also attended Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, in July 2014. These programs have given me the knowledge I need to educate myself and now YOU to be the BEST that we can be.

Join us today, by starting your journey to better health in mind, body and spirit.

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