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  • “To Smoothie or to Juice? THAT is the Question!”

    August 2, 2014

    Hello Everyone,
    A subject that seems to come up, time & time again, with people that we talk to regarding eating a healthier diet, should I make smoothies or should I juice? Isn’t is bad to remove the fiber?
    So, we have decided to see if we can remove some of the confusion about smoothies vs. juicing. Here are the differences & benefits of each.
    Smoothies are a wonderful, quick & easy way to begin your day (or end your day) with a healthy, nutritious meal. They are a delicious, concoction of raw, living, and rejuvenating foods. There are quite literally ENDLESS combinations that you can use. Bananas are usually a staple; I like half of them to be frozen (peeled when ripe & frozen flat, so that you can get them broken apart easily) & half to be ripe, fresh. The rest of your ingredients may be fresh or frozen or a combination. One of my favorites is: 2 frozen bananas, 2 fresh bananas, 1 ripe mango (or frozen about 2 cups), about 2 cups of pineapple, 3-4 cups of spinach or kale (or any other green you may have around), 1/2 of a cucumber, & water, coconut water or almond milk to desired consistency. Blend all ingredients in your Vitamix (or blender) until smooth & creamy, YUMMY! Use your imagination, add coconut oil, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, honey, pitted dates, cinnamon, etc. So, in less than 5 minutes I can be on my way, with my quart bottle in hand, with a meal in a jar. Benefits of the smoothie include, quick & easy, great energy food, increases amount of raw food in your diet, includes fiber.
    Now, juicing is a method of extracting the only the liquid & vitamins/minerals & life force out of the fruits/vegetables, leaving the pulp as a by-product. Juicers come in a wide variety of styles & price ranges. Each machine has it’s benefits & drawbacks. Some will juice wheatgrass, some do not have that capability. Generally, the larger the feeding hole, the faster it juices (& heats up, a drawback) & the smaller the feeding chute, the slower (& cooler, which protects all elements of the living food) the process. The first juicer that we got was the Omega Vert, which you can buy at Best Buy or online at Amazon for about $330.00. We now have the “Cadillac” juicer the Super Angel juicer, at a cost of $1100 it better be!!! We do get higher yield out of our produce.
    But, why would you juice and not get all the fiber, right?? Well, the great thing about juicing is really two fold: 1. It allows the body to absorb way more produce (AND vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, etc.) than a person could possible eat in a meal. 2. It allows all of that great nutrition to enter into the body almost instantaneously, being able to bypass the digestion process as it goes directly to our cells for energy. Also, the added bonus is that the body does not need to expel the fuel needed for digestion, so that it may “spend” its energy doing other “repair” work in the body.
    I definitely believe in juicing, especially for sick or tired bodies. Some people have issues digesting fiber, because of health issues, ie leaky gut syndrome, this eliminates that problem. And with juicing I get much more of the greens, with a lemon and maybe a green apple thrown in, the flavor is great. I love starting the day with a green juice, or beet/carrot/green apple juice. I then have essential fasted from 6PM the night before until whenever I eat my late morning snack or my big salad for lunch. Also, juice fasting is great but that will be a topic for another day!!
    So, there you have it! Hope this post answers a few questions you may have had!!

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  • Spreading the message!!

    June 17, 2014

    Hello All,

    For those of you who joined us at our June 10th, 2014, presentation @ the monthly “Eating in the Raw” meeting in the Villages, FL, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation for your time in coming out to join us, as well as all of your input and questions.

    Our mission is to spread the word on this VERY important topic of living a more healthful & fulfilling life, by limiting the number of toxins that we expose ourselves to.  That being said, we are happy to speak to any of your groups, clubs, churches, neighborhood parties or even your book club!! As those of you who attended our presentation know, we also offer Individual & Group Health and Lifestyle Coaching Programs, as well as Raw Food Preparation Classes. We want to work with you, step by step to make your transition toward better health, as fun & stress free as possible. The individual program includes a “home visit”, to assess your kitchen. We will show you what could use improvement, as well as help you set up your area to make it more conducive to healthy living. We will help couples work together, towards a common goal.

    In closing, we have been on the journey; we have walked the walk. We have LOST a combined 185 pounds, & GAINED more energy, mental clarity & increased health and happiness, as well as a overall better outlook on life. We are eager to offer you the tools you need to get to the place you desire & attain the goals you have for yourself.

    We are available in person locally or by Skype or phone for long distance coaching.

    So, check out our website @ Sign up to receive our Newsletter. Register for one of our programs or contact us if you would like us to do a presentation for your group or club. Don’t wait…. Do it today!

    In Health,

    Laurie & Theresa


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  • Hello Health Seekers

    June 15, 2014

    Hello health seekers,

    We are very excited as we embark on this long awaited endeavor. Theresa and I have spent years on this journey in preparation for this moment. Our journey has been an amazing one. It has lead us up to this point. I will be graduating from the Institute of Institute Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I will also be Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and Theresa is now a Certified Raw Food Educator. As with all of the ways we educate and inform ourselves, (books, seminars, groups, retreats etc), these courses have broadened the scope of our knowledge in this field.

    As many of you know, Theresa and I have lost an accumulative 185 pounds. For me, it has been a lifelong quest to lose weight. I had tried so many different diets but never a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. After exhausting all other avenues, I finally figured out the answer to my lifelong question; “Why can’t I lose weight?” I look forward to sharing my story with you and Theresa is so thrilled to show you how to prepare the food that is going to make transiting to a living food lifestyle fun, easy and last but not least, very tasty.

    If you haven’t already, you can visit our  website at You can sign up for our monthly newsletters. We have so much information we want to share with you. We are so filled with gratitude, that our experiences and knowledge will be able to benefit others. With a little motivation, encouragement and knowledge YOU will finally be on your way to a more happy and healthy you.  With both our unique individual approaches and experiences, we have much to offer anyone on a health and wellness journey. We offer individual and group counseling along with food prep classes. Visit our website to learn more.

    Many Blessings,

    Laurie & Theresa

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